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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

- Coco Chanel

Latoya White - Fashion Show Coordinator & Model Coach 

LaToya White, brings many years of experience to the BBB team, she is a  freelance model working toward a career as a Curvy/Plus Size model in the fashion industry. She has  been modeling for 5 years. She has the gift/ability to transform her look, and she prides herself to be very versatile. She has been an extra in the movie Mr. 3000, the Allure Pink Moscato TV commercial, and a local movie called, Role Play that premiered in Jan 2013. She has had great opportunities to work with many talented people including models, designers, photographers, and directors. 


She loves the industry and being a plus size model, it is very exciting!

Quote, "In my eyes, the concept of beauty is so broad... it can never be defined by a dress size." - Louise O'reilly

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