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Vision Manifested!


A world where women from young to old will be value not base on their size but their individual greatness.

Big, Beautiful, & Blessed company is committed to cultivating a positive self and body image in all women. Focusing on the beauty of women with curves, size 12 and up.

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Shemelian Bowman

Visionary- BBB


Laneice McGee
Co-Founder/ Executive


Over the years, our confidence is undermined by the media, the advertising world, parents, friends, adversaries and even our own inner voices.  So if we can help young ladies at an earlier age see their worthand love themselves we are helping them to also continue to love themselves as adults and pass that own to their own children.  With all the negative images and words we hear, it's time to reinforce some positive image and words to your youth,  today is our day to live and walk confidently and spread that message to others. 


We are a faith base organization that believes in the power of God that changes lives. We give our talent, time and money not because of who we are but because of who he is. We have fun while loving ourselves and others. Big, Beautiful & Blessed is built on Loyalty, trust and Commitment.

Shemelian always dreamed of being in a calendar, and wanted to share something positive with her community. Shemelian has a passion for working with women of all ages and providing inspiration based on her own experience.  Starting Big, Beautiful & Blessed is a true dream come true and she is happy to share her dream with other women.


The agency  hosts several Positive Body Image workshops for youth groups throughout Milwaukee and surrounding areas. They host and annual Eye on Fitness Event that is free and open to the public. The organization also gives back through scholarships, prom dress give-aways, seminars, and sponsoring one agency per year that focuses on assisting youth. Shemelian enjoys sending positive quotes to all the members and speaking to other women through the community.

Laneice McGee has several years of experience with assisting those in transition to their new career. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee, and her Master of Science in Human Services from Springfield College, and graduated from both with honors. She loves her line of work because she gets to work with people from all walks of life, from those who have never had a job, to those who have been in the workforce for over twenty years. She looks at her place of employment as an opportunity to support others as they discover their goals and purpose through work.

Laneice is the co-founder of Big, Beautiful & Blessed. This agency is committed to cultivating a positive self and body image in all women.  Through their annual twelve month calendar they focus on the beauty of women with curves, size 12 and up.


Laneice is an author in a compilation book "Speak Your Peace", and a poem book "Observation of the Mind" she  is an active member in her community and her local church.  In her free time she enjoys acting in local plays, making crafts and singing in the choir. She is a proud native of Milwaukee and currently resides there.  She believes that true change starts with you.

A friend is one who overlooks your broke
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